We bring art to Anatolia...

We contribute to social development through projects that ensure everyone benefits equally from cultural and artistic activities.

According to our mission to support artistic creation by gathering the local with global and bringing the society close to art, we contribute to the accessibility and sustainability of culture and art in line with SDG-10 and SDG-17 purposes which refer to Sustainable Development and Partnership for The Goals of the United Nations.

At Şekerbank, collaborations that improve access to culture and the arts come to life!

We have been bringing culture and art to the people without being tied to the gallery space since 2011 with the Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery, Turkey's first cultural and art initiative focusing on new media and video arts. Şekerbank branches host our project, bringing modern art and local people together. Through special monitors, the Şekerbank Açkekran platform connects art enthusiasts in the center of Istanbul, Kızılay, and Küçükesat in Ankara, as well as in other branch locations such as İzmir, Edirne, Tekirdağ Alpullu, Edirne, and Mardin with works exhibited in the world's most prestigious art institutions.