Memberships and Endorsed Initiatives

Many organizations and initiatives fighting climate change and promoting sustainability are supported by us!

Şekerbank, Turkey's sustainable bank, takes on the responsibility of being a role model in funding sustainable development. In this regard, we are members of many national and international climate change and sustainability platforms. We also assist a variety of national and international initiatives voluntarily.

More about Memberships and Endorsed Initiatives

  • SKD - Business World and Sustainable Development Association
  • TBB – Banks Association of Turkey Role of Financial Sector in Sustainable Growth Working Group
  • FODER - Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association
  • Integrated Reporting Association Turkey (ERTA)

  • UNEP-FI - United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative
  • UNGC - United Nations Global Compact
  • CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project Climate Change and Water Programs
  • CPLC - Business Leadership Criteria for Carbon Price
  • WEPs - Women's Empowerment Principles
  • UNEP-FI/PRB – United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative / Principles of Responsible Banking